DAVID: Seven Degrees of Separation

Can we get there from here?

 1501-4: Michelangelo sculpts a monumental marble David to surmount a buttress at Florence Cathedral: 1

 1504: The David is placed, instead, in front of the Palazzo Vecchio: 2

1873: The original David is transferred to the Accademia Gallery: 3

Also in 1873: A marble replica is placed in front of the Palazzo Vecchio: 4

2010: Michelangelo's David (in replica) casts a dramatic shadow  on the facade of the Palazzo Vecchio:

    MEANWHILE: Male bonding ensues nearby.

2010: Our eagle-eyed photographer immortalizes the scene: 6

2011: We share the wealth: 7

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PHOTOGRAPH: Florence, Piazza della Signoria
©Lyle Goldberg


  1. Was that staged for a picture or impromptu? How funny. The glories & wonders of what one finds when visiting the naked Davids.

  2. If it was staged, it certainly wasn't staged for my brother and me! We just happened upon this little scene, walking through Piazza della Signoria. Maybe I should pull out some of the other shots in that series? I do wonder about the nationality of those two guys... Latins, especially Italians, often strike "artistic" or "sculptural" poses quite naturally. Michelangelo wasn't entirely making it up!

  3. Touche, Touche...I could agree with the comment about Latins/Italians....look at the way they dance....sadly, it's the white folks (like myself) who aren't very elastic. :>( Can't believe I am up this late...2:19am. Suppose I am preparing for future late nights in law school!!