DAVID: Nine Degrees of Separation

Can we get there from here?

1501-4: Michelangelo sculpts a monumental marble David
to surmount a buttress at Florence Cathedral: 1

1504: The David is placed, instead, in front of Palazzo Vecchio:2

1873: The original David is transferred to the Accademia Gallery: 3

Also in 1873: A marble replica is placed in front of the Palazzo Vecchio: 4


2011: A fiberglass replica is made of Michelangelo's David: 5

2011: The fiberglass replica is installed (briefly) on the buttress where the original David was meant to go (but never did): 6

2011: Our House Photographer is off in America, so no original photo ensues: --

2011: But the admirable Livius Drusus of The History Blog assembles full coverage from web sources: 7 & 8

2011: We raid The History Blog for illustrations: 9 


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  1. And I am sure Livius did not mind the raid!! Man, oh, man...David really gets around. I would have to say the David-Degrees of Separation series is quite delightful ~ my bursts of laughter were beginning to scare my little dog, Annie!!

  2. Livius Drusus is one of the GREAT PERSONAGES OF OUR AGE - and I am sure that a little raid every now and then is beneath her imperial notice! I cannot imagine how she manages to create so many thoughtful and well-researched posts...one after another, on a daily basis. Please convey my apologies to Annie. I would be sorry if I had to report you to the SPCA.