Rosemarie Mulcahy, a distinguished historian of Spanish and Italian art - and a dear friend - died on 5 September 2012. Today, marking the first anniversary, there will be a memorial celebration at 1:30 pm at Newman House, St. Stephen's Green, Dublin.

I am grateful to have seen Rosemarie barely two weeks before her stunningly unexpected death. She and her husband Seán always spent a week in August with friends at Castiglioncello, on the Tuscan coast. So I popped down for lunch, from my home in Florence. 

It was a very pleasant lunch, on a terrace overlooking the sea—but just a lunch. We were old friends who had hung out together countless times in the past and we fully expected to continue doing so in the future. Rosemarie and I talked mostly about her many plans—for publications, travel and a prestigious lecture tour in Spain.  

Now a year has passed—but can any of us believe it? I am still not ready to think of Rosemarie Mulcahy in the past tense.

ART vs. NO ART (Detroit/Florence)

14 August 2013

Bloggers around the world focus attention on  the Detroit Institute of Arts - and its current plight.

 "You can only sell a unique work of art once. Then you don't have it any more and you never will and you are poorer forever."

INK (Florence)

VIVA FIORENZA = Long Live Florence!*

* A Pedantic Footnote: The historically accurate formula is actually "Evviva Fiorenza".


Ciao, tutti!

It is good to know that I have been conspicuous by my absence - or so I have heard from various friends in the blogosphere.

How long has it been since I fielded a new post? A quick glance at my Archive tells me that it was way back in December 2012. (For the record: YIKES!)

Why's that? First, I was traveling. Then, I was preparing for more travel - including a speaking tour in March (with various presentations in Detroit, Toronto, London, Ont. and Chicago).

So, my manic word-crafting and image-polishing has been focused on a brand new talk on (what else?!)

Maybe you can hear me in person ... live? Click on the above link for places and dates.

Ed G.