"THE JEW": Who was Melchisedec? (2)

This is how it all begins... Our first encounter with "the Jew" in The Jew - the title character in Michelangelo Buonarotti the Younger's play.

"THE JEW": On Stage...

l'ebreo comm[edi]a bozza =
 the jew comedy rough draft

Michelangelo Buonarroti the Younger left us more than two hundred pages of dialogue, stage notes and song lyrics for L'Ebreo - but not a complete and final draft of this intriguing and often very funny comedy. 

So, in the course of four hundred years - from 1614 until now - the work was never performed nor published nor even circulated in manuscript.

"THE JEW": Another Scene (2)

A pompous lawyer, a sleazy marriage broker and a Levantine Jew all walk into a bar...

"THE JEW": Opening Scene (1)

Giorgione, Double Portrait
Rome, Palazzo Venezia

In the opening scene of L'Ebreo, Giovanni Barba, a love-struck bachelor, and his best friend Girolamo Amieri jump into the midst of an ongoing story.  

"THE JEW": Carnival in Florence (2)

The Triumph of Carnival, North Italian woodcut (16th C.)


No one knows who said it first. It's an old Italian proverb.

And please, don't even try to translate it.*

A Day for Hasan... (Melbourne/Florence)

Self-invented rituals are always a little ridiculous - no matter how deeply they might be felt.


The Florentine football team got well and truly shafted. For the umpteenth time. In Parma. On 24 February.