DAVID: Five Degrees of Separation


Can we get there from here?

1501-4: Michelangelo sculpts a monumental marble David to surmount a buttress at Florence Cathedral: 1

1990s: Michelangelo's David is replicated in the ancient and noble art of mosaic: 2

1990s: The mosaic David is given pride of place in the window of a bathroom fixtures showroom in Florence: 3

2010: Our photographer shoots the mosaic David through a highly reflective plate glass window: 4

2011: Yours, online!: 5

Alternate Hypothetical Chronology (Final Stages)

20??:  Man (or woman) buys the mosaic David, takes it home and installs it in a shower (as intended): 4

20??: Man (or woman) strikes David poses while soaping up (Imitation Being the Sincerest Form of Flattery): 5

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PHOTOGRAPH: Florence, Shop Window ©Lyle Goldberg


  1. That is crazy ~ who in the world would put this in their shower? I guess if you live in a city where there are naked David's everywhere, it woudn't feel very imposing to have him in the shower, as well....just part of the scenery!! How much was this "fixture"?

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  3. Actually, I would have installed this "fixture" in MY SHOWER in a minute, if I had space for it. (I have reached an age where I have ceased worrying about "the competition".) For years, I saw this "Davide in mosaico" a couple of times a day - it was five minutes from where I live, right behind the Archivio di Stato. Then, two summers ago, my brother and I finally got around to photographing it. And almost immediately, this kitchen and bathroom showroom closed down and a masterpiece of Davidiana disappeared. (This happens terrifyingly often... But then, my brother does most of his photographing during the summer and in Italy - or at least in Florence - leases normally expire in August.)

  4. Good to know you are secure in yourself!! And, indeed, it would be hard to compete with a naked David. How sad that shops seem to close often...I have noticed that in your other posts. So, socialism isn't working so great? ;>(

  5. Being secure in oneself is one thing. Choosing not to think about "certain issues" is another! Old family shops have been closing like mad across Europe, due to a lethal mixture of botched capitalism and botched socialism (which no one can really tell apart these days.)