"Ridotti come siamo,
non riesco più a conoscere i turisti!"

"We've fallen apart so badly,
I can't even pick out the tourists anymore!"

An allarming prospect, to be sure!

Usually invoked by Florentines to herald:

The End of All Known Civilization

But is it true??? Here are ten hard-hitting photos, snatched from the mean streets of the City of Flowers.

Florentines or Tourists?

YOU make the call!

PHOTO ONE: Piazza Salvemini

Hint 1: He's going to a Pizzeria called "The Ghibellines".

Hint 2: It's work-related.

PHOTO TWO: A bench, behind the apse of the Cathedral.

Hint 1: Florentines usually have homes to go to.

Hint 2: Florentines rarely take photo- graphs while napping.

PHOTO THREE: Ponte alle Grazie

Hint 1: Visiting paramilitaries seldom gaze pensively at the Arno River unless they are planning to blow it up.  

Hint 2: Gruppo Securitas =  Rentacop.

PHOTO FOUR: On the edge of Piazza della Signoria

Hint 1: Almost anyone can get married in Palazzo Vecchio (Florence's historic City Hall).

Hint 2:  A matching rose, popped into your jacket pocket, has not been identified as a local tradition.

PHOTO FIVE: On the steps of Santo Spirito

Hint 1: He is feeding pizza to Florentine pigeons.

Hint 2: They seem to understand his dialect.

PHOTO SIX: The metal detector at Palazzo Pitti.

Hint 1: They are standing in line to get into a museum.

Hint 2: They are holding tickets and waiting patiently.

PHOTO SEVEN: Via Verdi, following the Calcio storico
(Historic Football) in nearby Piazza Santa Croce

Hint 1: They are wearing Renaissance outfits.

Hint 2: They  are going out for a beer together afterwards.

PHOTO EIGHT: San Lorenzo Market

Hint 1: He is wearing a tee-shirt with the Florentine Lily.

Hint 2: He is selling fake Rolex watches.

PHOTO NINE: The Fiorentina training facility
at San Piero a Sieve

Hint 1: They are seven years old.

Hint 2: Their parents shlepped all the way out to the middle of the Mugello so that they could watch a summer practice.

PHOTO TEN: Under the ramparts of
the Forte di Belvedere

Hint 1: This is a trick question.

Hint 2: There are five of them and one is an authorized Segway Guide. 

PHOTOS © Lyle Goldberg

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