Romance is in the air! Who knew?

When I published my latest post, Street Creds,  
I simply assumed that Photo Five was the star item.

Florence, on the steps of Santa Croce.

 I mean, what is there not to like? A modern day Saint Francis of Assisi preaches to the birds.

But no! Everyone wants the back story on that retro-glamorous pair of newlyweds in Photo Four.

Good-looking people, to be sure! And their presentation is compellingly eclectic:

Slavic Upstyling Today meets
Made in Italy Circa 1971.

(Query to my Florentine friends: When was the last time that any of you accessorized white with red or made a large beach ball out of roses?)

Working the crowd in Piazza della Signoria (I).

But who are they? I haven't a clue!

It is 4:20 pm on 17 June 2009 and they have just left Palazzo Vecchio, right across the piazza, after a color-coordinated ceremony.

For locals, "Sposarsi in Sala Rossa" ("To Get Married in the Red Room") means "City Hall Wedding".

The Sala Rossa in Palazzo Vecchio - with flags, wall-to-wall
 carpeting and aspiring thrones for the Bride and Groom.

Then afterwards, there is the Florentine tourist season in full spate in Piazza della Signoria.

 Working the Crowd in Piazza della Signoria (II).

But once again:

Who are they???

They seem oddly alone in their fifteen minutes of nuptial splendor - no family, no friends, no body guards, no entourage.

MOKBA/MOSCOU (in the window to the left). 

Is the Russian-themed window display at the Chanel Boutique merely serendipitous?

We might suspect a media event - but there is no media, only the usual bedraggled tourists. And - just possibly - one serious photographer.

Photographer on the left; he  looks a tad casual for a wedding gig and he seems to be shooting the newly- weds from the rear.

So, who is the happy couple? When June comes, I am only one of many who will want to send a card!

BONUS (a flower says it all):

I seem to be in an uncharacteristically romantic mood - which is not likely recur anytime soon. So, while the spirit moves me, let me share another special moment with you.

An unknown photographer makes magic on the
panoramic terrace at San Miniato.

Photos 1-4 and 6-10 © Lyle Goldberg
Photo 5 from the Web

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