DAVID: ??? Degrees of Separation




I have been living in Florence for as long as I can remember. But sometimes, there are still too many layers of fiorentinità ("Florentineness") to peel away.

A lone cyclist in Viale Michelangiolo, in the hills
above the south bank of the Arno River.

I didn't find this artifact, it found me. A much rained-on sheet of A4 paper, on the sidewalk in a remote stretch of Viale Michelangiolo.

In a previous phase of usefulness, it had  (presumably) been taped to a lamp post, with an arrow underneath. Directing merry locals to the tribal feast.

"Simone and Letizia present our Big Fat Florentine Wedding"

We get the idea...sort of...

"My Big Fat Greek Wedding" hijacked by "Tony and Tina".

BUT THEN, we pass through the looking glass, into a whole other world...

"Il mio primo amore?" = "My first love?"
On a purple (technically "violet") background;
"Viola" being the color of the Florentine Football Team
a.k.a. "La Fiorentina" a.k.a. "La Viola"

LETIZIA LOVES (not necessarily in this order):

 Simone (even on a bad hair day)

The Florentine Football Team (a.k.a. "La Fiorentina")

Bistecca alla Fiorentina/ Florentine Beefsteak (a.k.a. "La Fiorentina". )

Then, we can puzzle over the Florentine Totem Pole on the left of the poster, including: 

Pantaleo Corvino (Team Manager) 

Sinisa Mihajlovic (Head Coach)


Adrian Mutu (for years, Florence's favorite problem child.)

Roberto Benigni (beloved Tuscan wise-ass, cultural icon and Oscar winner.)

PLUS, three other suspects - still at large. (Note: All tips are strictly confidential):

THEN, there is the happy couple...

But WHO is Simone and WHO is Letizia - in (more or less) real life???

We excluded the plausible suggestion that Letizia was actually Simone in drag. But then the trail ended and even GOOGLE came up cold.

So, what about THE CHICAGO CONNECTION? And David peering into the ninetieth-story of the Sears Tower?

MAYBE Simone and Letizia have family in Chicagoland? 

OR MAYBE they share an eccentric taste in honeymoon  destinations?

OR ELSE...JUST MAYBE...they are a team of cutting-edge artists with a visionary scheme?

 Stranger things can happen in the Windy City...

Thanks to Stephanie Nadalo of Chicago and Tuscany for the Marilyn link!

From the web and the sidewalk.


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PHOTOGRAPHS: From the web and the sidewalk.


  1. An important iconographic analysis of an essential piece of ephemeral wedding apparatus, circa 2011.

  2. And it does make a nice change from the usual "Elegant Nuptials in a Chiantishire Villa"!

  3. Fantastic iconographical analysis Ed. Panofsky would be proud. Seems a modern successor to images such as van Eyck's Arnolfini portrait and Raphael's Sposalizio ;)


  4. Florence being Florence, I am sure to bump into Simone and/or Letizia sooner or later (especially since I live quite near the Stadium). Then ALL WILL BE REVEALED, unless they pound me into the sidewalk. But meanwhile, on to the Mérode Altarpiece!