CORPORE SANO (Mussolini Forum)



Il Foro Mussolini = The Mussolini Forum

Construction began in 1928, by personal order of the Duce.  To instill the rigorous values of Strength through Joy in the Italian People...

Benito shows what he's got.

...and host inspiring public events.(Think "Nuremberg Rally" but cozy and homespun, with everyone speaking Italian.)
The Fascist State shows what it's got.

The great centerpiece was the Stadio dei Marmi (Stadium of the Marbles). Every province signed on to the program and donated an exemplary work of sculpture. 

Left, a footballer from Sassari.
Right, a boxer from Ascoli Piceno. 

But then Regime Change ensued.

And Real Romans moved in...

Athlete in Repose (1)

Athlete in Repose (2)

Soaking up sun and imperial vibes at the Stadio dei Marmi.

View across the Stadio dei Marmi toward the hills. 

A High Art Moment

Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema meets Sir Laurence Olivier.
Left: A Roman Bath Attendant
Right: Spartacus ("Heck of a gun, huh, Tony?" "Awesome, Larry!)

Numbers 1-2,4-11 © Lyle Goldberg
Numbers 3-4, 12-13 from the Web




  1. Love to visit this place...Where is this Stadio dei Marmi exactly located? I've been living here in Italy for months yet I haven't happen to visit its tourists spots and enjoy the place. Unfortunately I'm bound with my paper works...Hope this weekend I can have time to visit that place.

  2. On the Trastevere/Vatican side of the Tiber, all of the way out to the foot of Monte della Vittoria across the Ponte Duca d'Aosta, in the Stadio Olimpico area - which can be a hell of a trek (especially if you are stupid enough to do it on foot, like we did, on a hot August afternoon.) There are buses, however and the Foro Italico/Stadio dei Marmi area is not to be missed, if you crave a running jump into the strange world of Benito Mussolini.